A Montana Wedding The Bridal Event
The event will host over 70 vendor booths! Booths for catering, florists, dress shops, photographers, venues, music, event coordinators, health and beauty, jewelers, calligraphers, travel agents and more! All under one roof!
A Montana Wedding The Bridal Event
Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Take our fun quiz to find out what "type" of bride you are.
Traditional, modern, whimsical, country chic; you will find vendors to help make your day uniquely you.
Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Sure, there is always the traditional necklace or scarf, but maybe you want to think outside of the box.
Check out a few of our gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing!
Montana Wedding Event 2016
Coordinating invites, photographers, cake, reception, dresses, tux's and more can become a full-time endeavor. A wedding planner may be just the thing to free you up to focus on the more important stuff, like  relationships and enjoying your wedding journey.
Bozeman Montana Bridal Show
This is exciting! You're gearing up for a momentous moment in your life.
Check out our tips for making the most of the bridal event so you will come away with all you need.