Fun Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas, Montana

Of course, there is always the practical route and giving the bride and groom gifts they really need and registered for is always a win. But, what about the couple that has everything, or perhaps you just want to give something a little extra fun or memorable? Well, we have a group of gift ideas below that are sure to please! You can click on any of the images below to go to the website that will sell you the item. We are not in any way affiliated or receiving benefit from the links, we just want to make it easy for your to resource an idea you like.

1. Anniversary Wine Box

Select 3 of your favorite wines (or theirs) and set them up for future celebration!

Wedding Gifts

2. Personalized Cookie Jar

You could fill it up with treats as a bonus!

Mr. & Mrs. Montana Wedding

3. The Table-Top Fireplace

Perfect for chilly Montana nights.

Wedding Gifts

4. A Personal Fortune Cookie (don't eat it)

A fun way to wish them the very best.

A Montana Bridal SHow

5. An Irish Make-up Bell

A wonderful Irish tradition. The bell can be rung anytime things get a little tense and the argument ends with a kiss....

Wedding events in Montana

6. Camp-cook poles.

This IS Montana and the likelihood that the new couple are campers is pretty high. Here is a fun twist on camp side cooking.....

Montana Wedding Event

7. Personalized Cheese board.

This is a simple and fun gift that will be used for years to come.

Montana Bridal Event

8. A Picnic Backpack for the not so-rough day out.

This fun gift has everything they need to make a special, affordable day out....except the food.

Wedding in Montana

9. "It all began..." throw pillow.

Find out where they first met, and give them a gift to celebrate their first encounter forever.

Bozeman Bridal Show

10. A custom frother for coffee loving couples.

This unique find looks cool in the kitchen and is a practical way to froth up cream, milk or the coffee itself. (Only $17.99 ... Throw in some nice coffee beans and maybe a mug or two and you're golden.)

Montana Wedding Ideas

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