Tips for Bridesmaid's Dresses that Flatter Everyone

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Finding a perfect fit for each of your bridesmaids can be challenging. You want them to feel confident and not roll their eyes and cringe as they imagine your big day because they are going to squeeze into an unflattering getup, all out of their loyalty to you. While it is true bridesmaids dresses have gotten a bad rap in the past, it isn't all based on nonsense. Brides have usually dreamed of their "ideal" wedding for years and tend to select a dress that matches the color, style, and body shape that they themselves would look best in. This doesn't always translate well to the whole bridal party however.

A thoughtful bride will select the dresses with the input of her dearest friends and simply guide the process. While you can always opt to do separates in a similar fabric or color, if uniformity it desired, consider our advice. Below are a few pro tips from top designers and stylists that will help you pick a cut that will flatter most all figures.

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1. A "V" shaped neckline helps smaller chests have dimension and cuts the volume of larger chests. Almost all face shapes also benefit from a v cut neckline that doesn't plunge too low. This will be the most universally flattering neck line, whereas a blunt horizontal cut is generally the most universally unflattering.

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2. The most ideal length to flatter all heights and legs will be 2-3 inches below the knee, or T-length cut. Floor length dresses are elegant, but will swallow a petite bridesmaid and can make taller ladies look like towers in group photos. To accommodate all shapes and sizes, stick to between mid-calf and 2-3 inches below the knee.

3. While sleeveless dresses are very common, many ladies feel more confident in a sleeve. Short to 3/4 length is again, the most universally flattering cut.

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4. The overall cut of the dress is best kept as an A-Line. This cut looks good on pear-shape, apple shape, hour-glass, and straight figures. It is nearly impossible for an A-line cut in a mid to firm fabric to look bad on anyone.

Honor you bridesmaids by helping them look their best in a flattering dress and they will love you for it. Plus, they will enjoy the event and the pictures more if they are confident in their clothes.

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