The Groom's Cake: Always a Fun Option

Groom Cakes

Groom's cakes are often a fun way to offer another flavor and to infuse personality into your reception.

The adventure cake pictured here was created by Cake from Cabin Ridge in Gallatin Valley.

Groom's cakes have been making a big come-back since the early 2000's and for good reason. The options are limitless.

Take a look at our Groom's Cake Pinterest Board for more ideas.

The groom's cake should reflect a specific trait, hobby, or interest that is unique to the groom and is usually a flavor the groom himself loves. Historically, the groom's cake was made by the bride as a gift for the groom, but today, the cakes are so advanced in design, professional skills are usually needed to produce one. It would still be appropriate for the bride to procure the cake from a pro and place it beside the wedding cake as a gift and surprise for her groom on the day of the wedding.

According to Martha Stewart, the groom's cake is not traditionally cut and eaten at the reception, but either kept for him to indulge in later, or cut and pieces given to the wedding party and family to take home and eat later.

She also reports, "The groom's cake eventually made its way to the United States (from England), and its popularity has endured, especially in the South. Many brides find the groom's cake appealing because it's a way to give the groom special recognition on a day when most of the attention seems to center on the bride."

There will be professional cake designers in the vendor hall at the upcoming A Montana Wedding Bridal Event in Bozeman, Montana on Saturday, February 17th. You will want to make sure and see their portfolios and arrange to have a groom's cake for your special day. Don't forget to take pictures of the creation before you cut it up!


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