Save the Date Ideas: Make it fun!

A Save the Date notice is not only a great courtesy, it sets your wedding up for success early on because attendees can plan around the event far enough in advance to ensure they make it. These should go out 6 to 7 months before the wedding, unless it is a destination wedding where a bigger budget and more complex plans are involved, then 12-14 months in advance is more appropriate.

Even if you don't send a "Save the Date" to everyone on your invite list, at least make sure you get one out to friends and family that reside out of town and will need to make travel arrangements and a budget. If you do it that way, make sure to note on the Save the Date that you are only sending them to out of town guests, that way no ones feelings get hurt if they are local and don't get one.

Save the Dates are usually pretty predictable, with a picture of the couple and a date. But you don't have to tow that same old line - below are some fun Save the Date ideas that are both memorable and fun.

1. Smitten Paper Co. on Etsy can hook you up with an engaging flow chart concept for your Save the Date.

Montana Wedding Save the Date Ideas will get you set up with a Spy-Decoder Save the Date - this one will be remembered and won't get lost in a pile of mail on the kitchen counter top.

Save the Date Wedding, Montana

Just about any mainstream large print provider can help you create Scratch-off cards, but we have worked with to create interactive Save the Date notices.

Scratch off Save the Date

At you can design custom, personalized luggage tags that double as Save the Date notices. Just get'em printed, bag'em up and mail. Note that your postal costs will go up a little with this one.

Save the Date unique Ideas in Bozeman can customize match boxes for you for a cute and memorable Save the Date. Check with USPS for the best mailing solution to stay within your budget.

Bozeman Montana Bridal Show will custom print balloons and you can mount to a custom card prior to mailing.

Biggest Bridal Show in Montana 2018

Use these ideas for inspiration and come up with your own unique approach that reflects your style as a couple and that complements the tone of your wedding.

Vendors providing printing and custom services will be in attendance at the 2018 A Montana Wedding Bridal Event on Saturday, February 17th at the Commons at the corner of Baxter & Love in Bozeman, Montana. Doors open at 10:00am - we'll see you there!

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