Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

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Creating an atmosphere at your reception that complements your wedding's style and your couple's personality is part of the fun in planning your Montana wedding. The focal point at each table, and sitting at eye level of every guest, is the centerpiece. It can be expensive to come up with an appealing table centerpiece that has volume, but we have some ideas that are both cost friendly and beautiful.

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Decorative or White Paper bags with inexpensive flower groupings.

You don't need a florist for this one, just an eye for balance and you are set. You can experiment with flowers that are in season, or even go out to a field and gather your own wheat and grass stalks to create a more rustic look.

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Wrap different size boxes in color or design appropriate papers, tie with pretty ribbons, the stack in different groupings.

You can have a lot of fun with this one. You can do smaller boxes and arrange on pie stands in the center of the tables, or wrap medium boxes in all different shapes and layout in a unique group in the center of the tables. This one also offers theme flexibility - if you're doing a country wedding, use gingham and other rural patterns, if your wedding is elegant, choose shiny, metallic papers, or muted creams and use sheer ribbons etc.

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Small trees.

Contact a local or online nursery and get a bulk rate for purchasing tree seedlings.

They are usually very affordable - then wrap the bottoms with fabric that accents your wedding colors and theme. You can even print and tie on little quotes or sayings to make the centerpiece fun and engaging.

Montana Wedding Reception Idea

Coffee Can candles.

This one is particularly neat if your wedding reception is during evening hours with lowered lighting. Simply take cans, perhaps paint white or black- or just leave as is, and punch holes with a pick and hammer. Get some sand to anchor the votive candles inside. You can dress up this idea with some garland around the bases if you want.

Wine bottles with a single flower group.

This idea from uncommon designs is a beautiful and affordable way to create height and elegance for your tablescape. Just start saving up those bottles early, this is not a one night wonder!

Whatever you come up with, just remember there are always budget-friendly alternatives to just about any aspect of your wedding. Pick and choose and splurge on the areas that mean more to you.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 A Montana Wedding Event in Bozeman.


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