Choosing a venue for your Montana Wedding

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Where to get married? The possibilities are endless. Whether you dream of a large, traditional church wedding, or tying the knot on horseback at the top of a Montana ridge, selecting the right venue within your budget is the first thing you should tackle in planning, even before the bridal dress selection - after all, your dress will be different if you're going to be outdoors versus indoors.

Your venue choice impacts almost every other aspect of your wedding, from flowers, to caterers, to attire. You will want to secure your location early so all your other plans can be made with peace of mind.

A few things to consider when choosing your Montana Wedding Venue include:

  • First, estimate how many people will be attending on your big day. If it is a small, intimate wedding, a venue that is too large will make your ceremony feel dwarfed, but if you plan on having a huge- blow-out wedding, you will need to ensure there is ample space for all your guests.

  • Next, sit down with your fiance' and make a budget. Determine ahead of time what you will spend on the venue itself and stick with it.

  • Make sure you know your wedding date before you start contacting venues. Be prepared to book immediately once you find that perfect venue within your budget..

  • Determine your wedding style/mood. If your bridal party are wearing short dresses with cowgirl boots, a barn or countryside is obviously a better match than a conference hall. Conversely, if you're going for high elegance with long, formal attire and heels, perhaps a gorgeous historic church or building is a better fit.

  • Now, make a list of questions for the venue provider - include at minimum the following:

  • How many people can the venue accommodate?

  • What is the sound set up? Do you need to provide all your own equipment?

  • What is the parking situation?

  • What do they use for seating? Are the chairs old, metal chairs - or are they clean white plastic (etc)?

  • What are the bathroom facilities like?

  • Do they have a good prep area for the bridal party? A separate room/area for the bride to prepare?

  • What about electrical setup?

  • Do they offer/recommend caterers or do they allow you to bring in your own food/provider?

  • Are they fully insured to protect you and your guests?

  • Is there a dance floor - or other reception accommodations?

  • Will they provide any staff to assist with setup on the day of event?

  • Will you be responsible for any setup - breakdown?

  • If you want to have any slide show or media presentation, do they offer a screen or equipment?

  • Consider the lighting and when possible, have your photographer weigh in on quality of venue and lighting for capturing the big day.

  • Do NOT book a venue without doing a walk through first. Pictures can tell a story, but can also omit important details. For example, maybe everything about the venue looks gorgeous in photos, but when you do a walk through you discover it is located right next to a busy train track that will interfere with your day.

  • When you tour the venue, consider it from your guests perspective - from parking to seating to crowd management.

Choosing a venue for your Montana Wedding is the foundation for everything else in your wedding, so tackle it right out of the gate. There will be myriad venues represented at the 2018 'A Montana Wedding' Bridal Event. Do your homework and be ready to interview your top choices.


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