Honeymoon Tips for Montana Brides - Don't Wing the Honeymoon!

It’s your first trip together as a married couple, the first of the lifetime memories that will make up your marriage. The hopes and expectations of your life to date are wrapped up in what you think this trip represents.

Start planning it early, and book it four to six months in advance to avoid glitches, advises Travel Café owner Bille J. Ruff, a Certified Travel Counselor.

Before you start searching the Web for ideas, talk with your intended. What do each of you dream of doing on this trip? What are your ideas for the perfect honeymoon? Do they mesh? If not, is there a way to combine them? Perhaps you head to the beach, but make it a beach near a jungle for some adventurous day trips? Or you extend the trip to include everything you both expect? Or you take a mini-honeymoon right after the wedding and a longer one later? More couples are doing that this year.

Make a list, then do your research. But don’t book yet. Consider employing the expertise of a travel agent for this trip. It’s that important.

Choose a travel agent who knows the areas or resorts you want to visit and books lots of honeymoons. He or she will have many more suggestions than what you see in TV ads and know how to determine whether the destination fits your personalities; will know about romantic extras to make the trip special; will know the ins and outs of complicated airline bookings; will make sure the name on your travel documents matches the name you will have identification for immediately after your wedding.

A knowledgeable travel agent can save you money too, said Zach Haynes, director of sales for The Travel Station. “We have negotiated relationships with the airlines and hotels to get you the best prices. And we’ll be there for you 24 hours a day if you have any problems on your trip. We can fix them for you.” That’s part of the service travel agents provide.

These days, more travel agencies offer a honeymoon registry for couples. The Travel Station does. It’s like a wedding gift registry, but all the presents are parts of your honeymoon. Once you decide where you are going and what you want to do, you post a registry on the travel agency’s website and let friends and family know that’s where they can buy your wedding gifts, from plane tickets to special dinners. It’s a great plan if you prefer experiences to place settings, and equally easy for your friends. They simply buy your gift online with a credit card. You reap the romantic memories.

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