Meet Your Wedding Photographer at the Montana Wedding Event this Weekend!

Wedding Photographer Montana

Your wedding photos are a lasting memory of The Big Day. Choosing a professional whose style and personality mesh with yours is critical. You can meet more than a dozen of the area’s top wedding shooters at the Best Western Plus GranTree Inn on Saturday at the Montana Bridal Event.

Before you meet a photographer, though, you want to make a few decisions. What do you want photographed, and in what kind of style? Do you want pictures of every moment and everyone? Do you want posed portraits or spontaneous, candid shots, or both? Do you want photographs that look like fine art or more contemporary, tilted angle shots, or a mix? If there’s a special photo style you love, make sure your photographer knows and likes it.

Study several photographers’ work online, and reviews about them. When you meet, ask first whether the shooter is available on your day. Confirm that the person you are talking with will be taking your photos. Larger studios may have two or more photographers.

Ask about styles, and describe your vision of your day and photos. How does the photographer respond? Is she intrigued? Does he have suggestions? Is he forceful enough to get the pictures you want? Do you interact well? Will your mate like this person? You want to be relaxed with her so you look your best in the photos.

Ask to see a complete wedding album. Here, you’re looking to see whether the shooter can take all kinds of photos of all kinds of people. Are the pictures well-framed? The people well-photographed? How is the lighting? Do the photos show emotion?

Confirm business details. Ask about photo packages and costs. Generally, photographers retain rights to all photos. This means they make the prints and may use them in future advertising. If these are issues for you, ask questions.

Wedding photographers generally take hundreds of shots. Ask when you can expect to view wedding proofs, how many you can expect, whether they will be high or low resolution, edited to correct color or retouched. Ask about any special effects the photographer may offer (such as super-saturated color or art effects) and the additional cost for them.

Last tip: To look your best, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water (and very little alcohol) the night before.


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