How to Get The Most Out of the Bridal Event

Today, we want to share with you how to get the most out of this opportunity to see 70-plus wedding vendors in one day.

“We’ve truly put everything you need for wedding planning in one place,” said Bozeman Daily Chronicle Event Coordinator Leslie McCleary. “Take advantage of it all and have fun. This event is for you.”

  • Register early so you can skip the ticket line and get right into The Bridal Event.

  • Study the Event Program right away. Note the scheduled events and specific vendors you want to see, and plan out your day. The Event Program will be in the Jan. 31 issue of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, so you can make your plans even sooner.

  • Come with the groom or a friend to help you gather information and make decisions.

  • Be prepared to book. Bring a checklist of the services, accessories, vendors and questions you’re interested in. Also bring your calendar, to schedule vendor appointments; a credit card, for deposits; a notebook and pen; and a couple pages of address labels pre-labeled with your name, contact info and wedding details. This makes sign-ups a snap.

  • Wear comfortable shoes.

  • When you enter, The Bridal Event will provide a tote for all the information and offers you’ll want to collect.

  • Wear the lei that indicates you’re a bride so you get all the special attention you deserve.

  • Visit your specific vendors first. Then tour every aisle to glimpse everything.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for references.

  • Take pictures of the things you want to remember.

  • Take a break now and then, and have a good time.

See you there!

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