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The Shine’s Back for Yellow Gold Rings – for Women and Men Too

The return of yellow gold and the appeal of rose, and the surging popularity of Canadian diamonds are the big news in wedding jewelry this year.

“Yellow gold is making a big comeback,” said Erin Levy, manager for Riddle’s Jewelry. “Lots of people are looking for it, or for rose gold. And more people are looking for simpler styles, though vintage details are still big.” The company will show an assortment of engagement and men’s rings and bridal jewelry, and host a giveaway drawing, at its booth at A Montana Wedding, The Bridal Event on Feb. 6th.

Gold is again more popular for groom’s rings too, because of its ability to be resized, polished and passed on in years to come. The past half-dozen years or so, stronger metals had been favored for their durability. For men who prefer the more traditional but worry about their tough working conditions, Riddle’s offers a free ceramic or titanium band for day wear.

In high demand in engagement rings are Canadian diamonds – mined, sorted, graded and cut in Canada, making them conflict-free. The country has become the world’s third largest diamond producer since its diamond fields were discovered around 1990.

Those diamonds are available in their own Canadian cut, called the ideal square. “It’s like the square princess cut,” Levy said, “but with chamfer corners that protect the diamond a bit more.”

Other favored cuts are the oval, pear and cushion, the last another square cut with rounded corners. Riddle’s, which cuts its own diamonds, offers the standard 57 facets, cushion diamonds with 70 facets and a signature 90-facet cut that is extra sparkly.

To keep rings sparkling, clean them every six months. Riddle’s offers free cleanings and inspections. To protect your most important jewelry, take rings off before entering hot tubs or hot springs, or using cleaning products or showering. And it’s now recommended that you remove rings before going to bed, as sheets can, over time, be as rough as fine sandpaper on gold.


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