Hiring a Wedding Planner

Working with a wedding planner can save money, time and grief, especially if you don’t like party planning, want to wed out of town, have too much stress at work or too much family drama. Several planners will be at the Montana Wedding Bridal Event Feb. 6. You can question them all.

Think about why you want a planner. “People hire planners for all different reasons, and knowing why you want one and what you want them to assist you with will be the key in finding the right fit. You want to find someone who meets those needs and jells with you and your groom,” said Kimberly Franke of Gather In Montana.

“I tell potential clients they need to feel confident in their decision, even if it means hiring someone else,” said Tina Ligas-Thompson of History in the Making Special Events. “While a couple should consider cost, reviews and previous experience, the ultimate decision should be based on how well you, especially the bride, like the planner.”

At the Bridal Event, “ask each one to give you compelling reasons why you should hire a planner/coordinator at all,” Franke added. “That answer should help you feel out their personality and enthusiasm.”

To make the most educated decision, also look through the planners’ work, read their reviews, explore them on social media and read their blog, Ligas-Thompson advised.

If the planner will organize everything, make that commitment very early, especially if marrying between May and September. For a day-of coordinator, four to six months before the wedding is sufficient.

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