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An integral part of making your special day complete, bridesmaids help you celebrate, share your joy, wear that dress, even if it's not their favorite, and offer the friendship and support every bride deserves. Providing a thoughtful gift that conveys your gratitude is a classy way to let them know they matter.

Bridesmaids gifts don't have to break the bank to be meaningful. We have put together a few budget-friendly and unique ideas to help you select the perfect item for your ladies.

  • Good smells: Scented wax warmers are a nice and long lasting gift with a practical touch. Attractive ones with a myriad of scented cube options can be purchased from Wal-mart for about $15.00.

Bridesmaid Gifts Bozeman
  • Unique Journal or Stationary: There are some truly beautiful journals and sketch books available at boutique stores or book stores and they make a nice gift, which can be enhanced with a personal note from you to each recipient.

Bridesmaid Gift Idea
  • The Right Tools: Ok, we understand this might not seem like a typical "chick-gift" but as a woman who has carried one in my purse for years, I can confidently recommend it as an excellent and unique bridesmeaid gift. Maybe you could soften it up with a flowery card, but this is a Montana Wedding, and ladies, we keep it real.

Unique Montana Bride Gifts
  • Tea Time: A cute little tea kettle with an assortment of teas is another not-everyday gift that will no doubt be appreciated. Memorable and and far more useful than a mere mug. The tea kettle pictured here sales for $14.99 at World Market.

  • Do you have socially aware and activist bridesmaids? This is a gift that honors their noble stance and provides a memorable gift as well. Novica and National Geographic have teamed up to support artisans around the globe. Jewelry, hand-made and simply one-of-a-kind beautiful that also supports a global community. This ring is by an artist in Indonesia and sells for just $28.99.

We hope this brief list gets your creative juices flowing. Join us at the Montana Wedding Event in February to connect with vendors who can help you with every aspect of your wedding.

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