Montana Wedding Planning

A Montana Wedding 2021

       In classic Montana fashion, Stephanie and Dillon met floating on the Madison. Mutual friends had invited them on the float trip, and Stephanie remembers that the two clicked right away. “We just got to talking and it turns out we had a couple more mutual friends,” Stephanie says. “I just loved being around him.”


       The pair were friends for a year before they started dating, but Stephanie knew there was something there from the very beginning. Dillon was so easy to talk to. Their date spot became Copper Whiskey Bar and Grill. They would grab a drink and discuss everything from their dreams to how many dogs they wanted to have. They knew their futures would include each other.  

The first time they said “I love you,” the couple was walking downtown for dinner. They stopped on a little bridge and wrapped their arms around each other. “It was so clear that that was the guy I was going to be with,” Stephanie says. “I think the biggest thing is trusting that other person and knowing that they’re going to be there for you.


        It was New Year’s Eve when Dillon surprised Stephanie with the proposal. The couple had been together for three years. Dillon is a firefighter, and he was working on the holiday. Stephanie’s family was in town, and she was looking forward to Dillon getting off work so they could go down town and celebrate the holiday. When it was 5 o’clock and he still wasn’t home, Stephanie called him to find out where he was. “He told me he had a Christmas present for me that hadn’t been quite ready and I needed to come down to the station to pick it up,” she says.


        When Stephanie got to the station with her mom and sister, The firefighters had cleaned the station and fire engine. Dillon had hung a big picture of the couple together and written I can’t wait for our next big adventure on the back of the photo. He proposed to Stephanie in front of the fire engine with his best friends and Stephanie’s mom and sister watching. She said yes and the couple went downtown to celebrate.

The engagement lasted a year and a half which gave the couple plenty of time to plan the wedding. Stephanie’s bridesmaids helped with all the decorations and signs for the wedding. She baked the desserts herself. Firefighters ran the photo booth. “Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Stephanie says. “It was so nice to plan a little and then sit back and enjoy the process.”


        It took a while to get there, but why rush something that’s forever? When you know, you know